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Downsizing – Colchester CT

Downsizing – Colchester CT

Downsizing and Moving into a Smaller Space

At one point in our lives, it will be time to face downsizing Colchester CT. We know that the moving and downsizing process can be daunting, to say the least!

When moving from a larger home to an apartment, there are so many decisions to make! What to keep? What to sell? What to donate? What to throw away….now that’s a hard one! Let’s not forget those boxes in your basement that aren’t even yours; those left in your care by children, parents and friends that at one point in your life, you didn’t mind “holding on to”. We’ve all been there. Sometimes the task of moving can be paralyzing, and keep us from making the best life decisions in a timely manner. All too often, we hear the phrase “I wish that I had done this sooner!”

So, another phrase…”Eating an elephant one bite at a time”. Not very appetizing, but those bites can be big; and before you know it, you are in your new nest. There’s something liberating to know that you have already pared your belongings down. When you’ve taken a real inventory of what you use and truly love, you will be surprised at how great that feels.

There’s also something to be said about donating to some great causes out there! Your belongings that you can toss can become someone else’s treasures. Check with those in your family who are at the point where they are still establishing their households. Sometimes our children, nieces and nephews would never think to ask for family heirlooms. That’s because we did a good job raising people with manners! Well, now’s a great time to let them know what is “up for grabs”. I have a friend that keeps a shelved area in her basement that displays anything that she no longer wants. She actually has them placed so that it looks very boutique-like!

When she has visitors, she invites family and friends to take a gander at what she has to offer. It’s a fun way of saying good-bye to “stuff”.

If you need to get through the process in one swoop, we can direct you to a company that will come to your home, and help you to sift through your belongings! In one day, you will have carted off the stuff to throw away; a list of those you donated, sell what you don’t need, and set aside those that need to be moved to a smaller and less cluttered destination!

Here’s their link: (Tell them that you are moving to Four Seasons of Colchester for 10% OFF!!)   https://thedutifuldaughter.com/

So, that wasn’t that hard to think about! Just imagine yourself with the job done…feels good, right?


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